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All torment, trouble, wonder and amazement   The Tempest: V, i
Will strike amazement to their drowsy spirits:   Toilus and Cressida: II, ii
Into amazement and admiration.   Hamlet: III, ii
They did so, to the amazement of mine eyes   Macbeth: II, iv
For more amazement. if you can behold it,   The Winter's Tale: V, iii
But, look, amazement on thy mother sits:   Hamlet: III, iv
Behold, distraction, frenzy and amazement,   Toilus and Cressida: V, iii
And wild amazement hurries up and down   King John: V, i
All this amazement can I qualify:   Much Ado About Nothing: V, iv
Shepherd. put not yourself into amazement how these   Measure for Measure: IV, ii
amazement shall drive courage from the state;   Pericles, Prince of Tyre: I, ii 11 results returned.

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