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With blue of heaven's own tinct. but my design,   Cymbeline: II, ii
Master of this design, did give us, with   The Tempest: I, ii
He has discover'd my design, and i   The Winter's Tale: II, i
Part. thine, in the dearest design of industry,   Love's Labour's Lost: IV, i
Or chivalrous design of knightly trial:   King Richard II: I, i
Of our design. he bears himself more proudlier,   Coriolanus: IV, vii
In top of all design, my mate in empire,   Antony and Cleopatra: V, i
For this design. what course I mean to hold   The Winter's Tale: IV, iv
With tarquin's ravishing strides, towards his design   Macbeth: II, i
Who but to-day hammer'd of this design,   The Winter's Tale: II, ii
That thou wilt be a voluntary mute to my design. be   Cymbeline: III, v
Justice design the victor's chivalry.   King Richard II: I, i
It forged him some design, which, being believed,   King Henry VIII: I, ii
From his true-meant design. upon his place,   Measure for Measure: I, iv
And carriage of the article design'd,   Hamlet: I, i 15 results returned.

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