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Wishing me with him, partner of his fortune.   The Two Gentlemen of Verona: I, iii
And will be partner of your weal or woe.   King Henry VI, part I: III, ii
Your partner in the cause 'gainst which he fought,   Antony and Cleopatra: II, ii
Marry, that am I and my partner.   Much Ado About Nothing: IV, ii
Your partner, as I hear, must die to-morrow,   Measure for Measure: II, iii
You have been always called a merciful man, partner.   Much Ado About Nothing: III, iii
Would make the great'st king double,--to be partner'd   Cymbeline: I, vi
Which outwardly ye show? my noble partner   Macbeth: I, iii
Thee, my dearest partner of greatness, that thou   Macbeth: I, v
The partner of your bed. methinks I see   The Winter's Tale: IV, iv
Set down our host. my partner in this action,   Coriolanus: V, iii
Prithee, be my present partner in this business, and   The Winter's Tale: IV, ii
Look, how our partner's rapt.   Macbeth: I, iii
Lead in your ladies, every one: sweet partner,   King Henry VIII: I, iv
I seem'd his follower, not partner, and   Coriolanus: V, vi
Go, good partner, go, get you to francis seacole;   Much Ado About Nothing: III, v
Fellow partner.   Measure for Measure: IV, ii 17 results returned.

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