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With whom I am accused, I do confess   The Winter's Tale: III, ii
Most wrongfully accused your substitute,   Measure for Measure: V, i
Cardinally given, might have been accused in   Measure for Measure: II, i
Who being accused a crafty murderer,   King Henry VI, part II: III, i
Wherefore hast thou accused him all this while?   All's Well that Ends Well: V, iii
Upon the instant that she was accused,   Much Ado About Nothing: IV, i
The accuser and the accused freely speak:   King Richard II: I, i
Than some that have accused them wear their hats.   King Richard III: III, ii
Suspect thee, when peradventure thou wert accused by   Timon of Athens: IV, iii
So are the prince and claudio, who accused her   Much Ado About Nothing: V, iv
So vulgarly and personally accused,   Measure for Measure: V, i
Or, if she be accused in true report,   King Richard III: I, iii
Or be accused of folly. I shall tell you   Coriolanus: I, i
Lady, what man is he you are accused of?   Much Ado About Nothing: IV, i
Hero was in this manner accused, in this very manner   Much Ado About Nothing: IV, ii
Falsely accused by the villain.   King Henry VI, part II: I, iii
Falsely accused, the prince and claudio mightily   Much Ado About Nothing: V, ii
Been publicly accused, so shall she have   The Winter's Tale: II, iii
Because here is a man accused of treason:   King Henry VI, part II: I, iii
And wish he had not so accused her,   Much Ado About Nothing: IV, i
And for thy life let justice be accused.   Merchant of Venice: IV, i
All these accused him strongly; which he fain   King Henry VIII: II, i
Rebell'd against the belly, thus accused it:   Coriolanus: I, i
Leontes, king of sicilia, thou art here accused and   The Winter's Tale: III, ii 24 results returned.

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