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My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand   Romeo and Juliet: I, v
A thousand blushing apparitions   Much Ado About Nothing: IV, i
He made a blushing cital of himself;   King Henry IV, part I: V, ii
What, blushing still? have you not done talking yet?   Toilus and Cressida: III, ii
One blushing shame, another white despair;   Sonnets: XCIX
I do betray myself with blushing. maid!   Love's Labour's Lost: I, ii
His treasons will sit blushing in his face,   King Richard II: III, ii
For more than blushing comes to: if your back   King Henry VIII: II, iii
For blushing cheeks by faults are bred   Love's Labour's Lost: I, ii
Fie, treacherous hue, that will betray with blushing   Titus Andronicus: IV, ii
Did represent my master's blushing cheeks,   King Henry VI, part I: IV, i
Be blushing? wherefore blush you now? what a   King Henry IV, part II: II, ii
At the wood's boldness by thee blushing stand!   Sonnets: CXXVIII
As from a blushing handmaid, to his highness;   King Henry VIII: II, iii
As doth the blushing discontented sun   King Richard II: III, iii
And, if though canst for blushing, view this face,   King Henry VI, part III: I, iv
And to my brother turn my blushing cheeks.   King Henry VI, part III: V, i
And bears his blushing honours thick upon him;   King Henry VIII: III, ii
And blushing fled, and left her all alone.   Various poetry: IX
Detects him: 'tis a blushing shamefast spirit that   King Richard III: I, iv
blushing to be encountered with a cloud.   Titus Andronicus: II, iv 21 results returned.

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