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One rubb'd his elbow thus, and fleer'd and swore   Love's Labour's Lost: V, ii
Which gape and rub the elbow at the news   King Henry IV, part I: V, i
Was done to elbow's wife, that he hath cause to   Measure for Measure: II, i
Thus, leaning on mine elbow, I begin,   King John: I, i
This jew my master. the fiend is at mine elbow and   Merchant of Venice: II, ii
Sauf votre honneur, de elbow.   King Henry V: III, iv
O seigneur dieu, je m'en oublie! de elbow. comment   King Henry V: III, iv
Now, sir, come on: what was done to elbow's wife, once more?   Measure for Measure: II, i
No, nor I neither: i'll be at your elbow.   King Henry IV, part II: II, i
Name? why dost thou not speak, elbow?   Measure for Measure: II, i
Mistress elbow, being, as I say, with child, and   Measure for Measure: II, i
Mass, and my elbow itched; I thought there would a   Much Ado About Nothing: III, iii
Here, man; I am at thy elbow.   Much Ado About Nothing: III, iii
He cannot, sir; he's out at elbow.   Measure for Measure: II, i
Go, pluck him by the elbow; I must speak with him.   King Henry IV, part II: I, ii
Go to: what quality are they of? elbow is your   Measure for Measure: II, i
De elbow. je m'en fais la repetition de tous les   King Henry V: III, iv
De elbow.   King Henry V: III, iv
De elbow, madame.   King Henry V: III, iv
Come hither to me, master elbow; come hither, master   Measure for Measure: II, i
Ay, marry, now my soul hath elbow-room;   King John: V, vii
'zounds, it is even now at my elbow, persuading me   King Richard III: I, iv
elbow, de nick, de sin, de foot, de coun.   King Henry V: III, iv
Ainsi dis-je; de elbow, de nick, et de sin. comment   King Henry V: III, iv 24 results returned.

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